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Best Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi

Best Dot Net Training Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi
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  • 3 Months Paid Internships
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Best Dot Net Training Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

Get the best Dot Net training Institute in Delhi at Modulation Digital Institute, which is an industry-leading Dot Net training institute in Delhi. We offer an advanced level of training in Dot Net that helps the students to get better job opportunities. We are the official Dot Net training institute that offers a controlled programming environment in which students learn everything they need on live projects. The need for Dot Net programmers who are skilled in their area is growing in the IT industry quickly. If you're looking to become an expert Dot Net programmer, then you should join Modulation Digital for the education under the supervision of experts in the field.

If you want to take the placement-focused Dot Net Course in Delhi then you should join this course at Modulation Digital. This course is designed to help you get a place in the top IT companies in India. Once you have completed Dot Net training, you will be able to join an IT company. All of the training we offer is based on the actual work experience, according to the needs of the industry. We adhere to the most current industry standards, and provide our clients with the right training. After the course, our trainees are able to create and run the latest generation of programs and tools.

After completing this Dot Net Training in Delhi, Modulation Digital Institute awards the participant with a certificate of course completion. The majority of companies accept this certificate as evidence of your authority on this topic. This certificate provides proof of the abilities and knowledge you learned at the period of your enrollment. It is a way of proving that you have succeeded in getting through all tasks, tests and projects needed to be an effective .NET specialist. The .NET Certificate of Course from Modulation Digital Institute is enough to prove your competence in the field. Modulation Digital Institute mentors encourage students to further expand their knowledge by obtaining global certifications for their resumes.

Additionally, we have made the Dot Net training in Delhi duration to be flexible. From online classrooms to one-to-one and fast-track classrooms, Dot Net classes are offered on weekends and weekdays for students. Modulation Digital is the Best Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi, offers a training module suitable for intermediates, beginners, and experts. If you're an undergraduate student, IT professional, or a project manager, Delhi's top Dot Net training centre provides:

The adequate training facilities. Experienced Dot Net instructors. Flexible schedules for all modules.

Additionally, the leading training centre in Delhi for Dot Net instruction in Delhi requires a cost-effective fee from students. The Dot Net course cost structure is affordable for students from every sphere of life.

Dot Net Course Details

  • Dot NET Training is essential for those who wish to make a career out of software development. It is a well-known programming language that can be used to develop desktop as well as mobile applications. Dotnet Training covers all fundamental concepts, and advanced topics, such as threading and LINQ. The course is well-designed and contains lots of illustrations,
  • Dot NET Training is the ideal source for anyone looking to learn about this widely used programming language. This path of learning will show you how to get an .net certification that will enable you to stand out from the rest of the applicants for positions. The .NET training course will provide an excellent foundation in C# .NET programming, and will help you make preparations for taking the .NET certification test. This course can provide you with the confidence to be able to use this fast developing technology.
  • .Net is a no-cost open-source platform that is cross-platform and designed to create web-based applications, mobile applications, mobile apps as well as gaming apps. A skilled .Net programmer is able to create .NET applications in C#, F# as well as Visual Basic. A .Net developer can use various editors, languages, and libraries to design solutions for mobile, web gaming, desktop and gaming, and the Internet of Things, which is the future of programming. Our highly skilled tutors at Modulation Digital create an ideal Best Dot Net Training Institute located in Laxmi Nagar.
  • .Net Framework and CLR
  • Indroduction to Visual Studio
  • Overview of C#
  • Data Types
  • Memory concepts
  • Control Structure
  • Arrays
  • Namespaces
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorhism
  • Abastract
  • Interface
  • Delegates
  • Exception Handing
  • Reflections
  • Indexers
  • Threading
  • Intro to Win forms
  • Toolbox
  • Custom Toolbox controls
  • User Defined controls
  • Graphic controls
  • Files and streams
  • Usage and implementation of controls
  • Software Development
  • Intro to databses
  • Relational database concepts
  • Strutured Query Language
  • Stored Procedures
  • Functions
  • Triggers
  • Basic of Ado.net
  • Connected and Disconnected modes
  • Programming with Ado.net
  • CSS and JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Intro to Web forms
  • Web Controls
  • Server Controls
  • Client Controls
  • Navigation Controls
  • Validations
  • Master Page
  • State Management Techniques
  • Caching
  • AJAX
  • Web Services
  • WPF
  • Silverlight
  • Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Deployment
  • Documentation

Upcoming Batch Schedule for Dot Net Training Course in Delhi

Modulation Digital offers flexible classes to all our students. Below is a list of our Dot Net Training in Delhi branch schedule. If the schedule does not match the schedule, please let us know. We'll manage batches according to your flex schedule.

Profile of Trainer

  • The Dot Net trainers are subject experts in this area.
  • The instructors of the Modulation Digital Institute in Delhi have worked for more than 7 years in this field.
  • The mentors of this program have created a variety of business-related applications or projects made using .NET ideas throughout their career.
  • Our trainers employ the latest methods and techniques in the curriculum to conform to the current standards of the industry.
  • Modulation Digital Institute instructors use interactive training and projects that help you build your knowledge through live examples.
  • Our trainers are accountable for the theoretical and practical formation of the students to most effective Dot Net practices.
  • Individual guidance is provided to all learners who have concerns and guidance on placement.

Who is eligible to join the Dot Net course?

  • Best Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi People who wish to start web development using Dot Net can take this course.
  • Best Dot Net Training Course in Delhi Graphic designers who wish to enhance their skills in web development can enroll in this class.
  • Best Dot Net Training in Delhi Anyone with interest in the field of programming

Dot Net Training Certification Course

  • Modulation Digital will issue a certificate once the course is successfully completed. This certificate is recognized by all MNCs. Modulation Digital offers 3 months paid internships upon successful completion of the course, and as well for students who are freshers.
  • Our Certificate with Modulation Digital is useful to any top company. It can also enhance your resume's value and can help you get top jobs with the aid of this certification. We will only issue a certificate upon successful completion of our course as well as training.
  • Modulation Digital provides basic to advanced Dot Net courses in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi with live-project training. If you decide to enrol in Dot Net and any courses at our institute we will offer complete support in clearing your doubts and helping you to try the project again even after you have completed the course.

Why should you choose Modulation Digital Institute for Dotnet?

  • We provide the most effective .NET Instruction in Laxmi Nagar by experts in the field.
  • We also offer regular classes as well as weekend-long classes.
  • We have expert trainers with many years of industry experience.
  • The trainers from Modulation assist every student during live project-based training.
  • We also provide 100% Placement Assistance.
  • We also offer paid internships in all fields.
  • Students are welcome to come at any time and use the labs.
  • We teach our students how to prepare for interviews and provide everything needed to secure employment.
  • Students will work in real time on projects.
  • Modulation Digital in Laxmi Nagar provides a well-Recognized course Completion Certificate along with a proposal letter.

Placement assistance after Dot Net Course Completion

  • Best Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi Modulation Alongside Dot Net courses in Delhi, we also offer placement assistance for students.
  • Dot Net Training Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi Modulation Digital with a 96% placement rate, has an HR wing dedicated to help students in securing a placement as per their requirements.
  • Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi Modulation Digital assists students in making their resumes more relevant to the demands of the industry today.
  • Best Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi NCR Modulation Digital, in addition to course instruction, offers students Modules on personality development and spoken English group discussions, mock interviews, and presentation techniques to build a high degree of confidence in tackling difficult and demanding interviews.


Dot Net is a computer framework that is primarily used to create desktop and web applications to support business plans. It was introduced by Microsoft Corporation in the year 2002. Since that time, .NET has helped in the creation of numerous web-based services, games, as well as websites. It is a free, platform-independent, and open-source framework that is in use for large-scale and small-scale implementations. As an operating system, .NET is a favorite for its tools for developers and libraries, programming languages, and a wide array of functions.

These skills are essential for those who are interested in or involved in roles that revolve around engineering, programming, Architecture and Designing Administration and Development, Database Management and Testing, as well as Technical Project Management. This ability is ideal to do .NET/ASP.NET developers, Computer Science undergraduates, and those who are in the beginning or middle of their careers.

In the present, naukri.com lists around 107397 part-time and full-time jobs for .NET professionals as well as related careers in India. Some of these job descriptions or jobs comprise Dot Net Developer, Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Dot Net Lead, Full Stack Developer, React Dot Net Developer, Dot Net with Angular Developer, SQL Developer, and Solutions Architect, among others. Some businesses that are hiring Dot Net professionals actively today include Accenture, Mphasis, IBM India, Cognizant Technology, Capgemini, NCR, etc.
Yes, we have a lot of students who aren't from Delhi. We also provide online courses for students who aren't allowed to attend classes at our institution.
There are no prerequisites that must be met to take this course. A basic understanding of databases and programming is recommended but not necessary to be enrolled or begin learning in this program.
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